About Us

What is Event Makers Kent all about?

Your questions answered

  • Who are we? Event volunteers from across the South East.
  • Opportunities? Multiple events across the year
  • Commitment? No minimum (or maximum) commitment.
  • Experience? No experience needed
  • Training? Full training for all volunteers at all events

Who are we?

Event Makers Kent is a community of volunteers who all share a passion for volunteering our time at events across the South East. We all share an enthusiasm for giving up a small piece of our time to put a smile on somebody’s face by being a part of their event experience, an experience we hope they remember for a lifetime!

We are a diverse group

We are young, we are grandparents, we are experienced, we are busy, we are novices, but we are all equally valued by The Event Makers team and the 100s of participants at the events we assist at. So, if you too share a passion for sharing joy, regardless of who you are (some positions are age restricted due to the nature of the role), then we would love to hear from you! Whether you have volunteered at 10s of events, 0 events, can only spare 1 hour or can commit to a few days, we would love to start a conversation with you and discuss how you can be part of our incredible team.


We have several events across the year, with our feature event of the year: The 149th Open. We will be an integral part of the team working alongside The R&A and the delivery of The 149th Open, welcoming visitors to the area and guiding them on their journey to the event. For many, we will be their first impression of the event, so join our community and help us to make a lasting impression!

No experience? No problem...

For whatever event we sign up for we are thoroughly informed and trained by the team at Event Makers Kent so we are fully prepared to help make a difference at the event! We look forward to welcoming you to the community and working together to make event experiences better across the South East!